Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweat Equity

Took a break after a full day...I got a lot done. It doesn't get any better than this. So beautiful and peaceful...well, except for the bear that stopped by and messed up the six cords of wood I've had to re-stack for THIRD time. If I had arrived just a few minutes sooner I would have caught the dirty bugger in action. Just to be safe and so I could see better, I climbed into the bus. I couldn't see it in the shrubs next to the bus but I sure could hear it and it was CLOSE. It gave 3 or 4 rarrs (or whatever you call that noise that bears make) and then I didn't hear it anymore. I really think it's living in the fallen down remains of a barn about 100 feet from my bus. I also think it might have been talking to a cub because it sounded like it was "talking" nice....nice but firm. Then again, maybe it was just aggravated I interupted it's breakfast of grubs and ants in my stacked wood? Either way, I'm not looking forward to restacking that wood again. I need a new plan for it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Not the best of photos but I was too tired and too wet from the rain. I apologize it's been so long since any kind of an update. Still messy inside the bus but it's finally starting take shape. I sure was sick of working on the framing and's nice to see some finishing work.
The photos above shows the ceiling going up...I've decided to keep the original lights with the Bluebird logo covers.
The photo above was taken looking in the front shows the linoleum laid in the drivers area. I chose that for easy clean up when it's muddy and wet today.

And in the photo below is the center console. More photos coming...thanks for waiting :o)