Monday, December 19, 2011

Frozen In Time

I wrote on here about an hour ago....low and behold between then and now I seem to have fixed my blog that has been broken since last spring! It seems Microsoft had an update that changed settings on my Internet Explorer to not allow Third Party Cookies. This prevented me from being able to sign into Blogger all the way (sometimes I could write a post but not edit it or add photos. Most of the time it would not let me leave comments on other blogs).'s fixed. I think. Yippee! I think. If this is too good to be true then I'll be reposting the new blog address again after the New Year.


Dani said...

Welcome back - missed ya :)

ezrablu said...

Thank you, Dani! At least I've been able to follow along reading everyone else's blogs. BUT not being able to comment was a big drag though :/ I still can't understand why I could comment once in a while on random blogs. I sure hope this fixed the problem.

Accordion said...

Blu, We got some snow here. Gonna be 16 degrees tomorrow night.