Thursday, March 8, 2012


Not the best of photos but I was too tired and too wet from the rain. I apologize it's been so long since any kind of an update. Still messy inside the bus but it's finally starting take shape. I sure was sick of working on the framing and's nice to see some finishing work.
The photos above shows the ceiling going up...I've decided to keep the original lights with the Bluebird logo covers.
The photo above was taken looking in the front shows the linoleum laid in the drivers area. I chose that for easy clean up when it's muddy and wet today.

And in the photo below is the center console. More photos coming...thanks for waiting :o)


Dizzy-Dick said...

Looking good, you have done a nice job.

Shadowmoss said...

Woo Hoo! You're back!

Looks great. Keep us in the loop as you make even more progress.

ezrablu said...

Thanks's finally starting to look like my vision. It's taken MUCH longer than I had planned. Too many interuptions from "life".

Shadowmoss...I'm glad you've been patient enough to still be have LOTS of photos and details to share.

Morongobill said...

You really have a talent at this.

I wish I could take an old bus and make it a fancy home, and be totally independent, except for the gas required.

Great job!

ezrablu said...

Thanks,'s not as hard as you might think. You've heard the saying "If I can do it, anybody can" It's absolutely true in this case, lol. I watched youtube videos and looked at bus photos online to figure this out. As far as the fuel, well I have the feeling my bus will be parked much more than it'll be driven :D

jandean said...

Yeah!! Beautiful stuff. Love the ceiling and the lights and the paneling and the cowl cover and, and, and...well done! So livable, even in its present state. Yay, more photos.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Hey things are really taking shape in the bus. Looking good.

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