Saturday, December 31, 2011


2012...looks so futuristic. I remember back in the 60's I used to add 30, 40, 50, etc. years onto my age to see how old I will be in "what" year ....and worry if it might be possible for me to still be alive in the 2000's. All that worry for nothing.

Happy New Year...may it be full of good things, wonderful blessings and much happiness!


Dennis the bus dweller said...

Happy New Year Carol

Accordion said...

Yes, it is a new year. I didn't notice. It is getting cold here. I wear the insulated coveralls that Dennis sent me 24/7.

Get yourself an electric blanket, Blu.

They are great.

At least your doggies can help you keep warm.

You may need another one for the three dog nights.

Call me sometime.

ezrablu said...

Thanks, too :o)

Accordion...I did get myself an electric blanket and I LOVE it. And so do my dogs :D We've been lucky so far this three dog nights (yet) but they're coming.

Entre Nous said...

Oh I did the same thing. Now I am old. I knew back then I would be... :}

Shadowmoss said...

Hope you are doing well. Miss your posts. I keep seeing bus conversions on and think of you and wonder how your conversion is going.